P90 X and V-Day Resolutions


We love good food, and are trying to temper our appetites with healthy living, eating, and working out.  While we try to workout 3 times a week, we sometimes struggle with what to do at the gym, especially when we try to work out together. Plus, we want to have our cake and eat it too – we want to eat amazing, butter-filled, chocolaty, fatty foods AND be in peak physical shape – Phillip wants to look like Edward Norton from American History X (minus the racism and tattoos), and Carissa wants to look like Angelina Jolie in Wanted (minus the cheesiness and the tattoos).  You know, the American dream, except without the house with the white picket fence… And what’s with everyone getting tattoos?

Anyway, while watching an infomercial in our hotel room Sunday morning, we broke down and bought P90 X.  For $145, we got 3 months’ worth of CD’s, plus 2 additional DVD ‘s for free, just for paying all at once.  We did the math (since we pay for a gym membership already) and figured out that if we stick to the program for the full 3 months, we will actually save money AND have  pre-set workouts to do at our own pace and skill level in our own home. Plus, the DVD ‘s are re-usable and we can do the workouts together.

Let me be honest – when we get home from work, the last thing we want to do is go to the gym.  Every day we weigh the benefits of working out versus sitting at home, cooking a nice meal, and watching Seinfeld, House, Better off Ted, reading a good book, or just enjoying a quiet evening.  Option B wins out most nights  But with P90X, we will be able to workout at the house, which eliminates this excuse and gives us more motivation to get our workouts done.

While we live on a pretty sensible budget, we love great food, and if you don’t splurge now and then, you just might snap. In fact, this past weekend was a festival of food –

Eggs Benedict, Frittata, and Creme brulee brunch at Taverna…..Swordfish, beef Tenderloin, and Chocolate fudge pie at The Dallas Fish Market…..and bacon-wrapped fried Oysters, Tomato bisque, and Key lime pie at Hatties. (We are writing reviews for DFM and Hatties – the review for Taverna is already up.  Click on the Restaurant Review tab above)

And while we encourage eating great food, we also encourage you to be a good steward of your body.  It is the only one you have, so treat it well.  We are hoping P90 X will help fight the effects these foods have on our bodies.  Why don’t you consider doing the same?  Tell us how you love to eat, how you keep the weight off, and how you live (or try to) a healthy life.  Thanks for reading, and keep in touch!

The Bleeckers


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