P90X- Learning to Eat What We Really Need

We got our P90X set in the mail on Friday, so Saturday morning we started looking though all the information to get started. And there was a lot to look through. One thing that really caught my attention was the nutrition guide. It’s very detailed and has mapped out meals with corresponding recipes. I was very hesitant about going along with this plan. It just looked so regimented, like it would take all the fun out of cooking, which may be true for the next three months, but I think the nature of the plan will be very helpful to Phillip and me. In the guide there are portion sizes, calorie counts, plans for how many carbs, dairy, fruit, veggies, fat, and proteins you should have each day. We think we eat healthy, but the more we look over this plan, we realize we really don’t pay that much attention to how much we eat. Case in point, this morning we were making omelets.  We put some olive oil into the pan to cook the eggs, then decided to take a look at the calories in the olive oil. 120 calories for just ONE Tablespoon! Ouch. This plan may be tough for the next few months, and not as much fun as food has been before. But I am confident that in doing this we will learn how to fuel our bodies to live well, learn good portion sizes, and really know how to plan meals well. So that when we have the freedom to cook what we want, we will really know what we should be putting into our bodies.

And don’t worry. We will still be posting some delicious, butter filled recipes on the blog. Just because we can’t eat butter for three months, doesn’t mean you have to suffer along with us.


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