The Bleecker’s go to Sudan

Michael Bleecker's picture Sudan

Hey friends, family, and blog-ites (that can’t be a real word…)

We love you all and hope you are well.  We haven’t spoken with many of you since the wedding, so give us a call, write on our blog, or email us!  We miss you!

Carissa and I wanted to let you know what’s going on with us.  We (along with 8 others) are going to Sudan May 5th through the 17th on a Mission trip, and we would covet your prayers.  We are going to be working with a local church that has a widow/orphanage ministry there, and we will be teaching them the good news of Jesus, spending time with them, playing soccer with them, worshiping with them, and being ministers of Jesus to those without husbands or fathers.  Many of these widows and orphans are Christians, but they do not have the means or materials to learn more about God and His salvation through Christ – we will be equipping them to share the Gospel wherever they are.  Many do not know the Gospel – we will be teaching them about Jesus and His hope for their lives.

Carissa and I are making T-Shirts to help raise support to pay for our trip. There is a picture of the shirts attached – take a look. The net proceeds will go to support the Sudan Mission Trip (we will recoup the cost of materials out of your donation).  Also, please be aware that your purchase/donation is NOT tax deductible.  It is, however, a visual reminder to pray for us and to pray for what God is doing in Sudan.

You are not just buying a cool T-Shirt (We like to think it is cool.  Carissa designed the shirt, and I think it is cool!).  You are helping us in our efforts to spread the Gospel of Jesus in this world, and you are a part of ministering and caring for orphans and widows in Sudan.

The price each T-Shirt is $20, but you can donate more if you would like to.  They are Alternative Apparel shirts, so they are comfy, soft, and durable.  Carissa and I are personally making every one of these shirts out of our house.

To order, please email me back with –
(1) the size of shirt you want, and
(2) if the shirt is for a male of female (the female shirts are slightly lighter in color than the male shirts, and are cut differently),
and we will get your shirt ordered and made as soon as possible.  WE would like YOUR ORDER BY MONDAY, MARCH 15TH, but will take orders until March 25th!

As far as payment, we will accept check or cash, and once we have all the shirts, we will be passing them out to you.  We will probably pick an easy and central location to meet you all, and give you your shirt then. Once ordered, shirts take about a week to two weeks to arrive, and it takes us about a week to make them (depending on volume).  Just FYI, if you live far away from Dallas, we won’t be doing any mass-mailing of shirts, as that can add up.  You can pay us when you receive the shirt, or before if you prefer.  If you would like to pay before, please make a check out to :

Phillip Bleecker or Carissa Bleecker              , and send the check to:

1177 Beltline Rd Coppell, Tx 75019

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…” James 1:27

We love you and thank you

Phillip and Carissa Bleecker

Here’s a picture of the shirt.


5 thoughts on “The Bleecker’s go to Sudan

  1. Carissa –

    Please order one t-shirt for Matt in Size M (male) of course. Will you be at church this weekend – can I pay for it then. What service to y’all go to?

  2. I got an email from Matt Tonne saying you both need support for your trip. I would love a shirt if you are still selling them! I wear a small in womens. Let me know if that is possible!

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