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Our goal in writing Dallas restaurant and coffee reviews is to give you the tools to make great food choices AND make great investments.  We want to point you to locally owned and operated spots in Dallas that you can feel proud to support with your purchases.  I recently found one coffee shop that you can be proud to support.  It has great coffee, great food, and does good work in it’s community – Urban Dog Coffee.

Finding a good independent, local coffee shop can be tough, but finding a coffee shop that gives 7% of their gross profits to support local non-profits is almost unheard of.  But this is exactly the kind of place I want to support with my money.  Owner Brady Cottle sells products made by artists in developing countries and holds fund-raisers for cancer research, HIV/AIDs, and others.  He also just launched a joint venture between himself, a local coffee roaster, and a local artist.  It is a bag of coffee called the Cottage Blend.  And if you buy this bag of coffee (for $12.99), $3 from each bag goes to support the Legacy Founders Cottage, a Dallas non-profit that provides shelter and care for people who are dying of HIV/AIDs (website:  Ask your barista at Starbucks if their coffee does that.

Cottage Blend

All of their pastries are handmade by Rush Patisserie, a local bakery owned and operated by Samantha Rush.  The store also displays Dallas area artists and their work, featuring a new artist every month, and they host live music each week.  This month, the featured artist is Brian Braun, a Dallas photographer who has some great stuff that you should check out.  Here is his website –   .   I met Brian at the shop, and he was nice enough to send me a few photos of the shop that I used for this article.  Brian is giving 35% of everything sold at Urban Dog this month to a non-profit called Sower of Seeds (website:  This non-profit helps fight human slavery/trafficking, provides clean water in 3rd World Countries and education for the poor and needy, and on and on and on… This is art and coffee that does good and that I want to support.

It is for these reasons, and many more, that Urban Dog won Best Humanitarian Hangout in the Dallas Observer’s Best of Dallas 2009.

Ok, so these are all great reasons to try this place out.  But Urban Dog also excels in everything that makes a coffee shop great – Atmosphere, quality coffee, reasonable prices, and fresh good food.  Being a customer at Urban Dog comes with some benefits that you probably won’t find at too many other coffee houses – a $2.25 bottomless coffee cup, Free Wi-Fi, a helpful and attentive staff, very affordable prices, wide selections and options…they even have Agave Nectar as a sweetener option.

You walk into this place and immediately feel comfortable.  Everything is clean and modern, but laid back.  Brady, the owner, is typically working behind the counter or at the bar, there are comfy chairs all over the place, and they have great music selections from Feist to Death Cab, Joshua Radin to Damian Rice, Sigur Ros to Radiohead…


Then, you get to the bar and they have the old school Coca Colas in the glass bottles, great coffee selections from around the world, tons of tea options, and some of the best espresso you can get in Dallas.  And the best part is, a shot of espresso costs around 75 cents.  It’s amazing.  At first I thought it was a mistake, but no – 75 cents.  Espresso lovers, you gotta try this place.  It will not disappoint.  Of all the coffee shops I have tried, this was the least expensive espresso, and it was among the best espresso I have had outside of Italy.  It’s the best of both worlds.


There are comfy chairs and tons of artwork on the walls.  It is a great place to meet up for coffee with friends, for business, or just to grab a nice quiet lunch.


They also have a nice patio if the weather is nice.  They allow dogs out there, so bring your puppy and enjoy some great coffee and food. By the way, this is some fancy camera work by Brian Braun.  This is Brady, the owner, sitting all over the patio in 15 places at once.


As I said, their pastries are all handmade by Rush Patisserie, and they are legit.  I tried the blueberry muffin, and it was truly delicious, moist, and so good. They also have Mocha muffins, almond croissants, and other delicious items. Check out their website – you will find yourself getting hungry.

You need to try this place the next time you are anywhere near downtown Dallas.  It is worth it.  And tell your friends.  Good businesses selling good products that are making a positive difference and impact in the world around us.  How can you say no to that?

Address :  2720 Oak Lawn Avenue.

Hours:  Sunday – Friday – 6 am – 8 pm      Saturday 7 am – 8 pm

Phone:  214.219.5511

Here is the sign you will see as soon as you walk through the door.

What if


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