Amsterdam layover

The Team

Hi everyone

I don’t have much time to write this, but I wanted to give you all a quick update on our status while I have internet.  We had an unexpected layover in Amsterdam yesterday.  We were on the plane from Amsterdam to Entebbe, Uganda, when our left engine overheated and we had to turn around and go back to Amsterdam.  KLM put us up in a nice hotel, and the team went to downtown Amsterdam for some dinner, team unity time, and to buy some sweaters! It’s cold in Holland!!  So we found an H&M and bought some warmer clothes, which is comical since we will be in 105 degree weather in about 10 hours.  But hey, you gotta do what is necessary in battle conditions, and some warmer weather was necessary.

The team is doing well.  Most of us are adjusting well to the dramatic time change well.  Carissa and I slept like babies last night.  Plus, we got to wake up to a beautiful buffet complimentary breakfast, so that helped dramatically.

Prayer – Please pray for David Campbell as he is not adjusting as well to the time change.  Please pray for him to get some sleep on the plane.  Also, please continue to pray for Jason Holleman, and his recovery.  He became ill a day before we left for this trip, and he is leading our trip.  Pray for the Lord to go before us and prepare the way for our team to speak and exemplify the Gospel in our words, actions, behaviors, and reactions.  We want to be fully available and filled with the Spirit so that we can pour out into these widows and orphans. Please pray that God would move in and through us during this trip, accomplishing supernatural results that we could not accomplish on our own.

Thank you for reading and for your prayers.  We are thankful for you all.

Carissa and Phillip walking in downtown Amsterdam

Also, we took some cool pictures while in Amsterdam.  Here are a few.

Michael being silly, pointing at the "Amsterdam" sign, which is not in the picture. He's never been out of North America...

Street-side accordion player on the river

Amsterdam streets are full of books stores and cafes

Jason and Michael shopping for sweaters in H&M in downtown Amsterdam. There are no words...

Caleb giving me his Jerry "The King" Lawler look. He's also bringing back the full demin look.

The train station in downtown Amsterdam


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