Sunday Sabbath and Worship in Sudan

From our Amsterdam layover, we went to Entebbe, Uganda and stayed in a nice compound for the night.

Entebbe compound

We set up our rooms, which were very nice.

Room in Uganda

Then we sat outside at these big tables drinking Cokes and having some wonderful pumpkin soup. And for some reason, Jason and Caleb decided to arm wrestle.
Here’s a night shot
The next morning we got on the propeller plane to Yei, Sudan, and had some great views on the way.

From the plane

The views were beautiful.



We landed on a dirt runway in Yei, and headed to the EPC  Compound.

The EPC Compound

The EPC Compound

So the first full day we were here was Sunday. We took a propeller plane from Entebbe Uganda to Yei Sudan, and arrived Saturday afternoon. The roads here are incredibly challenging, but a wonderful reminder of God’s grace and provision, despite the hardships. Sunday morning was our first Sudanese church service, and it was incredible. The dancing, singing, worshipping, encouragement, and overall atmosphere was one of worship and praise to the Lord. What an encouragement! Jason Holleman spoke out of 2 John, teaching the Gospel of Jesus to the congregation. The  church has a thatch roof, and there are tree trunks that are the wooden beams holding the roof up.  Little kids were playing and singing outside.  The Word was preached and the Gospel went forth. It was a great church service.

Bishop preaching

After church, we went and had a joyous lunch where we talked, told stories, and praised God for what He is doing at the EPC in Sudan.  Then I walked to some of the huts in the compound, and saw some little kids playing soccer, and I jumped at the chance to get to know them and share the love of God with them.

Kids and soccer time

I met a little girl there named Anne Grace, who is around 2 years old.  She is absolutely adorable!

Grace and I

Here’s a close up of Grace

Grace close up

The sun rises and sun sets are amazing here.  It is the rainy season in Sudan right now, so there is a ton of rain in the morning and at night, but humid and hot during the day.  It makes for some amazing sunsets at night.


Thanks for reading. God bless you!

Phillip and Carissa


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sabbath and Worship in Sudan

  1. I am praying for you all that you would have the right words to say at the right time and that the hearts of all would be open. Thank you so much for the posts. I have been checking all the blogs. I know many friends are praying; they keep asking about the trip. I love you both! Mom W.

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