Traveling Home

We are set to leave Yei, Sudan this morning. We are all packed up and hanging out ready to leave, but we have a problem. Rain. Lots and lots of rain. It has been raining very hard since early this morning. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that the runway we will be taking off from is dirt, well now mud. So far the plane is delayed about 2 hours. Thankfully, our next flight isn’t until about 8 this evening, so we have plenty of time to get to our next destination, which is about an hour and a half away.

Please be praying for travel mercies today for our team. We have a long 36 hours of travel ahead of us. We are tired, some sore from the very bumpy roads, and just ready to be home.

Our last full day in Sudan was a great one. Phillip and I taught at the Orphanage for the last time. It was hard to leave those sweet kids, but I know they will be taken care of very well. They have a great place to live, water on the compound, and are getting a very good education. We attended closing ceremonies for the pastors conference. We were so humbled to see how the Lord used our team to give the pastors and kids exactly what they were needing in theological training. The Lord orchestrated everything so well. We also got to hear the testimony of Bishop Elias Teban last night. He is the equivalant of the head pastor here. It was an incredible story of the Lord’s provision, protection, and guiding.

For some great pictures of yesterday check out this blog

Thank you for your prayers. We will be home soon!


2 thoughts on “Traveling Home

  1. I will be praying for the trip. It has been raining a lot here, too and I heard there were flights canceled in Dallas yesterday. I know you are in the Lord’s hands. I love you.

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