Lessons from and Orphanage – Day 4

Day 4 in Southern Sudan started off with some rain in the morning, so we knew the roads were going to be tricky.  But there is nothing like waking up under a mosquito net in the middle of Africa to the sound of rain. You just know it is going to be a slow and nice day, no matter what you have on the agenda.

We had planned to teach on God being unchanging to the kids, but after some discussion, prayer, and thought, our team decided to teach the children the Gospel of Christ. If we were teaching on Creation and God being a good Creator, and connecting that with the Fall which leads to Jesus coming and because Jesus is God’s Son we do not need to be afraid if we trust in Him, and the final day’s teaching is that God is a good Father, at some point we need to discuss why we are in need of a Savior. Why did God sent Jesus, what did Jesus accomplished on the Cross, and how we can we be saved?  So we just unashamedly taught the Gospel of Jesus.  It was so good.

Phillip teaching

Carissa taught the little children the Gospel as well, using the story of Daniel in the lion’s den to illustrate how God saves us from death.  This little girl was digging it.

It was so amazing and humbling to see how badly these children wanted to learn.  I’ve mentioned this in prior blog posts, but I would walk back into classrooms that we had finished teaching in to find the students writing down on the blackboard the main points of our talks.

After classes, the boys always wanted to play soccer.

Boys playing soccer

All of the kids take care of the other kids here.  It is really a blessing to see, and it comes across very tangibly.  From the boy in the wheelchair getting help around the compound, to the boys helping Daniel get his food, to the kids helping with water, meals, cleaning, and keeping order around the orphanage… The kids are so well behaved because they know that in order to make it, everyone has to pitch in and help.

Oh, and Caleb joined us today to help with teaching.  He did a great job.  In fact he said that teaching at the Orphanage was more difficult than teaching the pastors at the Conference, because you have to be conscious of their understanding level, their situation, and keep it fun and entertaining enough to keep their attention.

We were worn out by the end of the day.  The fatigue, heat, workload, and time change are really catching up to us.  However, we are relying on the Lord for strength and perseverance.  We ended the day with a great meal, good conversation, and a great night’s sleep. Sheila and I are having a stare down in this picture.

After dinner, we had our second prayer service.  There was worship, testimony, confession, prayer, and fellowship.  It was a wonderful time.  My wife and I got to dance together in worship, which was awkward and fun and worshipful all at the same time.  God truly is the hope of Sudan.

Thanks to Caleb Carruth who is letting me use some of his images without his knowledge or approval. Your the best, bro.


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