Lesson from an Orphanage – Last day

Morning of the last ride to the orphanage

The last morning of going to the Orphanage was filled with mixed feelings. We were leaving and ready to get back home, and not drive on that terrible road again! But we would not see these children again for at least a while. We would miss their smiles and laughter, games and songs, questions and thoughts… The children are a blessing and reminder to us of God’s provision. The friendships with the pastors and teachers here have been so good.  The long theological conversations have been stimulating and thought-provoking.  The pace of life is so slow and nice here.  I will miss not being in a rush or feeling like there is always a T0 Do list.

The kids dance and sing to say goodbye!

I’m going to miss the faces, but I will not forget them.  The keep coming to my mind and heart to pray for their needs and salvation.

Beautiful eyes

Crafty smile




The Thinker

I want that shirt in a large

Tasty rice

We got back to the compound, had some Cokes, then got ready for the celebration.  The pastors were  praying for us, having some worship, and gave us parting gifts.  It was a wonderful time to reflect on the past 5 days, and praise God for His goodness toward us! Bishop Taban, his staff, and the missionaries there were incredibly gracious and generous toward us.  Carissa and I want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

After the celebration and dinner, we got to hear Bishop Taban’s testimony.  What a testimony of how God loves and saves His people! We ended the night praying over Bishop Taban.  Carissa and I went back to our room and started packing our bags.

Praying for Bishop Taban

We woke up early Saturday morning to a TON of rain.  So we waited, knowing that the plane we were going to get on had to land on a muddy runway!  But we said our goodbyes, gave hugs, got pictures, and jumped in the van to head to Entebbe, Uganda, then to Nairobi, Kenya, then to Amsterdam, then eventually back to America.

Our last picture in Sudan


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