La Duni Review

My brother recently told me that we should do a review on La Duni. He said it is well worth the drive – the Migas are especially good, he said.  I had been to La Duni years ago for a brunch after I attended an Easter Sunday service downtown with a friend.  I remembered it being a really nice but laid back place in a good location and with great food. So Carissa and I bundled into the car for the Saturday morning drive to go see what La Duni had to offer.

La Duni on McKinney Ave is a little difficult to find,  but you can tell you are in the right place because you will see a valet in front with a guy busily parking the cars of all the people flooding in. There is a sign in the parking lot, but not on the building, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. You walk in and instantly love the place.  There are candles and wine racks everywhere, glass lanterns and flowers scattered throughout, and an ample supply of wooden tables and chairs.

They make cakes as well – huge beautiful cakes, ornate cakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, chocolate and vanilla cakes, Tres Leche cakes, award winning cakes…They can do it all.

Their booths are really comfy as well.  It definitely has a Latin flair: from the music, to the rich interior colors, to the casually beautiful patio, this place has a unique feeling all it’s own.

If you get there early enough (or late enough), you have to try the patio. The atmosphere is beautiful, with all the white linen, the huge yellow umbrellas and yellow awning, ivy growing on the walls, and plants everywhere…it feels intimate enough to have a romantic meal but comfortable enough to have a relaxed evening.

The servers are very good and attentive. Our waiter was helpful with suggestions, kept our table very clean, and kept our coffee cups warm and full also.  They have a good mixed drink and wine selection.

Carissa and I both ordered specialty coffee – Carissa wanted the Cafe Au’ lait and I ordered the caramel Cappuccino.

Both were really well made and flavorful. After I finished the cappuccino, I ordered black coffee.  The only criticism I have of La Duni concerns their coffee and espresso.  They serve Lavazza coffee, and those beans just does not suite my palate –  I have heard a few others say they don’t prefer the coffee, and others say they really like it.  It must just be a preference issue.  The first espresso I ordered was very bitter, had no sweet froth on the top, and was brewed incorrectly.  The waiter knew something was wrong and offered to get me another free of charge, which was very kind.  The properly brewed espresso was better, but not great.

The coffee was better, especially on my second visit. Lavazza coffee is definitely an acquired taste. When I was in Italy two years ago, I loved the Lavazza coffee and espresso there. Something must get lost in translation because I have tried it several times in the States and it just tastes like packaged coffee. Maybe I’m just being too much of a coffee snob, but I think La Duni could avoid this by offering a wider range of coffees to appeal to a wider coffee audience. But on the positive side, it made the table look cool…

I got the Migas.  They were incredible.  And I mean incredible.  Handmade homemade red and green salsas over scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, crispy tortilla strips, along with fresh hot soft tortillas. The potatoes are the single best collection of crispy potatoes I have ever had.  And I am serious about that.  They are crispy, flavorful, hot, with a little spice on top.  You have to try them.

Carissa got the cinnamon walnut French toast.  It was rich, tasty, sweet, and oh-so-good.

We topped our calorie-laden breakfast off with a banana split with ice cream, caramel sauce, and walnuts. It was so worth it.

We definitely suggest you go to La Duni.  It has one of the best breakfasts in Dallas, and we intend to go back to review their dinner.  If their dinners are anywhere near as good as their breakfast (and their menu looked like they were), then I can’t wait for dinner there!

Try it out and let us know what you think.


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