I have to apologize for my break from blogging. This summer was a crazy one. Phillip and I both got new jobs, which has been quite a transition for us both. Also, the 25 or so days of over 100 degree temperatures haven’t helped my desire to cook much .

The one thing I really need to make a great meal is inspiration, something that really gets my creative juices flowing. A big part of my lack of blogging in the past months has been my utter lack of inspiration. I have fallen back to old favorites, that I have already blogged, while desperately searching for something to inspire me. Have you been here before? I think we all have. So in the interest of inspiring you as well as me, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite places to look for recipes, ideas, and ingredients.

One of my best resources is this cookbook.

It’s absolutely brilliant. The cooks behind this book test each recipe  extensively, They test ingredients as well as methods.  It gives you a baseline of understanding for how to cook. It teaches you the basics through delicious food. It also has an index of the best ingredients to use and the best equipment.

Blogs are another place I look for inspiration.

Have you ever been to ? This website always makes my mouth water. It’s a beautiful culmination of many different blogs and their great recipes.

Anytime i’m in the mood for comfort food or butter, I go straight to . I love her approach to food. It’s brash, honest, and unapologetic.

Restaurants. I always like to try new things at restaurants, even if the place is an old favorite. You never know when you’ll find an new dish that you would love to know how to make. I know that Phillip is eating something really delicious when I see him get mad while chewing.  He gets mad if he’s eating something that is incredibly delicious that he doesn’t have any idea how to make it-of course he’s not really mad, but he does want to know how to make it! When we have that kind of a dish at a restaurant we go back often to see if we can figure out what’s in that amazing food.  Currently, the bruchetta appetizer at Bolsa and the Tomato Bisque at Hattie’s have our attention.

Grocery Stores. I don’t mean any old grocery store either. Places like Whole Foods and Central Market are perfect. I especially love when Central Market has samples. The other day I had a sample with Ice cream, grilled peaches, and apricot preserves. Delicious! When I am in a grocery store I will often times find an ingredient that I haven’t ever used before, but want to explore. Just this week I came across passion fruit at Central Market. I have to admit that I have been searching for anything with passion fruit in it since I had it in Hawaii last year. I am so excited to see what I can do with it. This morning it’s going to look like strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and passion fruit parfaits. Yum!

I hope that this helps you to inspire you to explore food in new and different ways this coming week. Phillip and I are starting a month of only fruit, nuts, and veggies. It should be interesting and produce some new recipes that we will share. We have already had the pleasure of eating some great gazpacho and sauteed peaches in mango nectar.

Happy Cooking!


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