An Experiment

Healthkick Nutrition Center    (972) 874-8477

3634 Long Prairie Rd, #128, Flower Mound, TX 75022

Have you been looking to get your food-choices and eating habits into shape?  I’m not talking about a diet, but  practical and healthy lifestyle changes.   Go no further than HealthKick.

Carissa and I decided that we were going to try an experiment for the month of September – we were going to eat only fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts for the entire month.  Of course we cheated here and there (the Likens’ saw us cheat a few times with our food choices), but the experience has been an informative one.

In order to pull this off, we needed some help and advice, so we went to HealthKick in Flower Mound, got some great protein powder, a recovery drink mix, and then went to Sprouts for the rest of our stuff.

HealthKick is one of our favorite places for a few simple reasons:

1. We know the owners.  Support local businesses that have integrity, high-standards, and absolutely love what they do.  And because we know the owners, we trust that when they give us advice, it is the best advice for us.  When they suggest products, we know they are not trying to make a quick buck off of us because they know we will be coming back.

2. They only carry the best stuff.  The best vitamins, cleanses, protein powders, protein bars, and supplements, with organic and herbal options as well.

3. They know everything about their products. And I mean everything.  Do you have allergies? Do you have special dietary needs?  Are you looking to bulk up or slim down? Need some help with your immune system?  They know what do do, and what’s more, they have the best products to get to you right there in the store.

Oh, and by the way, they will match any competitors price out there, so you know you are getting the most for your money.

They have Ready-To-Go stuff in the cooler for you as well.  All of the best and healthiest products out there are in this cooler.  They even have stuff your kids will like!

These guys are fanatical about fitness, health, eating right, and putting the best stuff in our bodies.  They can help everyone, from the guy who has never eaten right or worked out in his life, to the healthiest person you know.

Get into HealthKick today, and start looking, feeling, eating, drinking, and living better.

Carissa and I made it because we bought the best stuff from the best shop around.  And now we feel so much better, honestly. We will be posting some of our favorite recipes from the month of September on the site, but make HealthKick your first stop.  You won’t be sorry.


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