Stuffed Bell Peppers

Healthy eating starts with smart choices and creative work-arounds.

“I could eat pasta, or I can substitute brown rice…” “We can have a side of potatoes/mac n’ cheese/fried ocra, or we can have vegetables…” “How can I get my spouse/children to WANT to eat healthy foods?”

Believe me, I understand the lure of cheesy, greasy, fatty, sugary, high-carb, deep fried foods.  They taste great, they are usually very easy to make, they are cheap, and no one complains.  But think about it – this is your body we are talking about.  Do you really want to say, “I want to fill my body with the cheapest, easiest foods out there?”  When you are looking for a car, do you say, “I want the cheapest car I can find”?  No, you want QUALITY. The same goes with a house.  The same goes with all of your priorities in your life.  The same should go with your body. You want what is best for you and you want to be a good steward with your body.

That’s why this past month, Carissa and I made some decisions.  We decided that we were going to eat only good, healthy food.  We were going to try to make it affordable and fun,  while exploring some new main courses and side dishes that we have never tried before.  The results have been amazing.  Not only did we have some great food and find some wonderful recipes, but we also lost weight, feel better physically, have more energy, and are incorporating the lessons and recipes we learned into our lives on a permanent basis. And I wanted to share some of those recipes with you all.

So, recipe # 1 – Roasted Bell Peppers stuffed with dirty rice, basil, wedge tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.

Step 1: Boil your rice according to the instructions.  We just got some organic brown rice and made 2 cups (we made a lot of rice because we knew it was going to be our dinner for the week).  Mine called for some butter.

Step 2:  While the rice is boiling, hull out the inside of 2 Bell Peppers. It’s simple-just be very careful while doing this so you do not cut yourself! Slide a knife into the Bell Pepper and cut around the top stem.  Throw the stem away.  Then cut out a wider hole in the top in order to pull out the innards-seeds, etc…  Throw all the innards away.

Also, you want to pick out Bell Peppers that have somewhat level and proportionate bottoms to them.  They will need to be able to “stand up” on their own.  This is important in the oven, because you don’t want them to fall over and scatter ingredients all over your oven.

Step 3:  Mince a teaspoon of Basil leaves and remaining Bell Pepper.

Step 4:  Cut up some vine fresh tomatoes.  Dice them, wedge them, mince them, whatever…  Just make them bite-sized.

Step 5:  Check on your rice.  Be sure to keep an eye on your rice this whole time.  It will require some stirring in order to avoid burning. Once all the water has boiled off and the rice is tender, take the rice off the heat.

Step 6:  Pre-heat your oven to 275 degrees.  Stuff the Bell Peppers with layers of rice, chopped Basil, tomatoes, mozzarella, and small drizzled amounts of Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil.  You can also add a little Salt and Pepper to taste.  They should look like this.

Step 7:  Leave the Bell Peppers in the oven until the entire Pepper has been cooked through and the contents are also hot (about 25-35 minutes).  Stuffing the Bell Peppers means it will take longer for them to cook.

Step 8:  They should look something like this.  Enjoy!

Leave your comments and let us know if you tried this recipe and what you think about it!


2 thoughts on “Stuffed Bell Peppers

  1. i still need to try out stuffed bell peppers. i had them once at a restaurant and they were really good- but i need to try them at home. yours look so delicious!!

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