A new addition to the family

So we have a new addition to our family and we wanted to tell you about him. We thought about waiting until after New Year’s, but it’s too good not to share.

Carissa and I just sent Christmas cards to our friends and family to let them know about our new bundle of joy, so keep a look out for that card. We actually made those cards ourselves by hand.

That’s where our new “addition” comes in. His name is Claude.  He’s 5 1/2 feet tall, has a 6 x 4 ft base, and he weighs 3,500 pounds. Claude is a Kluge 12 x 18 letterpress machine made completely out of cast iron. He’s our pride and joy. Here are some pictures of him. (Thank you, Lindsey Brittan, for some amazing pictures! You can find her work at  lindseysheaphotography.com)

Isn’t he cute?

Carissa and I started our own business called Method Letterpress. We make handmade and custom designed Holiday cards, Business cards, and Stationary. We also create  ~ Wedding Invitations ~ Thank You cards  ~ Save the Date cards  ~Baby Announcements ~Wine & Beer Labels ~ “We’re Moving” cards ~ Mommy cards ~ Restaurant Menus … We even have a Card of the Month Club on our website (MethodLetterpress.com) to give as a gift, and includes 5 new custom designed and small-run cards every month.

So you are probably wondering what “Letterpress” is.  Well, have you ever received a really nice Wedding Invitation or business card, the kind that you hold on to just because it is beautiful and stunning and the paper is so nice and thick? The kind of card where you can feel the impression in the paper? That was probably a letterpressed card. Letterpress is an hands-on art form where each card is made individually and manually, where each color and design is added individually, and where no computers, digital scanners, or shortcuts are used. Each card can be personalized for you and is one of a kind work of art. There are endless possibilities for color, design, size, paper stock, envelopes, and edging.

Here are a few pictures of some of our recent creations:

Carissa received her Bachelors in Fine Arts and Printmaking from the University of North Texas,  studied Printmaking and Book binding at the University of South Dakota, Vermillion, and worked for 3 years at a high-end letterpress printing shop in the arts district in Dallas, so she is very experienced in design, production, and execution.

Visit MethodLetterpress.com today to view our holiday cards or to place a custom order. Also, please give our website to someone you know who needs our help. We are so thankful for your help!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Phillip and Carissa Bleecker



2 thoughts on “A new addition to the family

  1. let’s be honest. when i first saw the picture, before reading any of the written content (Yes I still look at the pictures before I read), I thought your new addition was a tortilla maker. I’m honestly a little disappointed that it’s not. I suppose I’ll have to continue to hit up Rosa’s Cafe for that floury goodness.

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