Valentine’s Day Reloaded


Well, it’s next week. 8 Days away. The day that  70% of men forget to make plans for ahead of time – Valentine’s Day.

This is a day that should exemplify realities that are already present within your relationship: romance, flowers, handwritten cards, candles, great food, romantic music, and going out of your way to show your wife or girlfriend that you really treasure her. Now, granted, Valentine’s Day may have aspects that never happen for the rest of the year, like a carriage ride, a swan boat tour, or a consume flaming dessert. However, this does not mean your leadership of loving, serving, and romanticizing your lady begins and ends on this day alone.

Around 70% of men forget to make plans for Valentine’s Day ahead of time. So men, get on it. You have no excuses. Dallas is full of events for this special day. Here are just a few:

The French Room

Restaurants – Dallas is the restaurant Mecca of the United States. We have no rivers, mountains, valleys, or natural beauty here, so dining is our sport of choice (along with plastic surgery, but I’ll leave that for another post). Take your pick of uber-romantic spots – The French Room at the Adolphus Hotel, the Mansion at Turtle Creek, Nick and Sam’s, DeGolyer Tea Room at the Dallas Arboretum, Taverna, Hattie’s…. Do NOT take your woman to a bar or any restaurant that is playing ESPN on 47 TV’s throughout the room.

Romantic Date Ideas – pack a picnic and go to Ray Roberts Lake or White Rock Lake, rent a sweet car for the night and drive out to some romantic spot and watch the sunset, go to a chocolate shop (Dude Sweet Chocolate, Chocolate Secrets, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory…), or find some great dinner recipes and make dinner for your woman.  This blog has quite a few great recipe ideas in the archive – think Steak, wine, etc.

Cheap or Free Dates – Strapped for Cash? Villa O is an Organic restaurant that serves a FREE dinner on Monday nights. Go. It’s amazing. Make reservations NOW. The Kimbell Art Museum in Ft. Worth offers half-price Tuesdays from 10am – 5pm. That’s Valentine’s Day. The All Good Cafe offers a buy one entree get the less expensive one for FREE on Tuesday nights. It’s very good food, too.

Music/Theater – The Meyerson is putting on Gershwin’s most romantic songs on the 14th. Tickets are $27. The Winspear Opera is holding the performance of Tristan and Isolde from the 16th-the 19th. Very romantic.

Men, choose from any of these ideas or make up your own. The most important thing is to put thought, love, care, time, and effort in. Your woman wants to feel loved and know that you care enough to spend time and energy on her. And don’t check your Facebook status during your date,  look up the score, check the weather or e-mail, or take a call. Be present for your date. Look her in the eye. Tell her you love her and mean it. Hold her hand and be sweet.

Women, drop the hints. And not the subtle ones, either. Ask your man, “Are the plans you are making for Valentine’s Day secret?” Or, “Do I need to take off work early so we can have our Valentine’s date?” Seriously. Guys needs this obvious shot in the arm to remind them. Trust me. If they turn pale and have that listless “holy crap” look in their eye, then they forgot to make plans and will immediately get on it. Just point them to this blog post and all will be well.

In the end, enjoy Valentine’s Day. It only comes around once a year, so blow the doors off and have fun.


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