107 year-old bedroom

Lavender. The scent is nice but the color is awful, especially when it is plastered all over a wall. That was the color of our upstairs bedroom when we moved in 3 weeks ago. I felt like I was in an Easter collage. So even though she didn’t mind the color, my amazing wife humored me and chose a nice, bright red color for the room. Obviously, the ceiling is still lavender in the pictures, so please forgive the unfinished business. We are painting it white, but that is soon to come.

We made the mistake of putting our bedroom on the second floor in an old house. Don’t make this mistake. “Heat rises” is not just some distant scientific fact or an old wives’ tale – it’s very true. Even though the heat has not been too bad as of late, we can feel the heat rise by 5 to 8 degrees just by walking up the stairs. So this was our bedroom for the first 3 weeks of living here, but my loving wife and I just moved our bedroom downstairs, so you all are getting the first and last glimpse of what once was.

Here is the old South wall.
Below is the new South all. It is a shame we had to move our bedroom, because this is the largest of the rooms and there is a 2nd floor balcony attached to this room, as you can see when you look out the window.

Here is the old East side of the bedroom. It is actually called a “sleeping balcony” because people would sleep outside on these balconies at night during the hot summer to experience some cooler, moving air. Check out the lavender flowers on the fan!
Below  is the new East side of the room.
This was the old west wall. The trim on the floor is about 6 inches high!

Here is the new west side. I especially like the dressing couch in front of the bed.
I don’t have an old picture of this side of the room, but I thought you would enjoy this 3 window-sided corner.

Here is the old North side. That is me and the inspector in this picture.Here is the new North side of the bedroom. We got that coffee bag in Hawaii.

This is one of the best things about owning an old home – there are all of these hidden, secret, and clever storage areas and walkways that were engineered into the structures of the homes. This specific passageway is a crawl space between the upstairs master bedroom and the first of two guest bedrooms upstairs.
So that is the upstairs bedroom. We have since converted it to Carissa’s office, so I will post pictures as soon as everything is situated.


2 thoughts on “107 year-old bedroom

  1. We own a home from a similar timeframe as yours (1900ish) and have run into the same heat issues with the upstairs. We have been advised to install roof vents, and we will be doing that soon. Several roofers in our area will install them for about $35 per vent, so it’s not too expensive. It might still help, even if no one is sleeping upstairs. Thanks for the post!

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