Old style dining

It’s been almost a month since we moved into our new home, and it has FLOWN by. We have not rested at all until yesterday. We finally took a Sabbath yesterday and did not do anything for the house. Instead, we sat in the hammock, drank coffee, read books, had a long breakfast, walked to the square  to look at the antique stores, people-watched, and partook of some Paciugo ice cream (that’s a hard word to spell correctly).

But in this past month we have done a ton of work. First we painted my library (+ bookshelves and trim!), installed our oven and stained our workbench to match the wood in the kitchen so it will be our island, then we painted the upstairs bedroom (+ trim), then bought a dining room table, then painted the living room (+ trim), then switched our bedroom with Carissa’s office, then painted our bedroom side tables, then I dug out our driveway and paved it with stones for a parking space (moving about 500lbs of stone out of our backyard – I think there was a guest house back there at one time), then on Saturday I ripped out a bunch of shelves in the cupboard under the stairs and am in the process of converting it into our wine cellar. Whew! And there is so much more to do. Pictures and stories soon to follow.

For now, let’s focus on the dining room. We are having a Christian Seder dinner in this room this Friday night, so thankfully this room is all done. The before shot.

And after. We actually have a rug under there now, but I don’t have the pictures. It is amazing what a table, some pictures, and a little pop of color will do to a room. I love the windows in here – it adds so much light.

This is a before picture. We actually painted this door from my library into the dining room, so it looks super clean.
Here is the West wall of the dining room. We got this 8×8 shelf from Ikea. It weighs a ton and is a beast to move, so now that it is finally in place, I am never moving it again. Ever. But it displays our china and glasses very nicely. Here is a shot of the old East Wall. I have no idea what this thing is, but it may have been an old fireplace or an air conditioning vent.
Now we have an antique clock and a Invitation/Letter board where we keep all of our recent letters. This comes in handy especially around Christmas time. My wife made this – she’s so creative and awesome like that. In case you were wondering, that is a salad bowl in the corner.
Also, every room has these great transom windows. They open and close on command. The thin metal pole is attached to the window, and when you turn it, it opens or closes. They are great for allowing air in or out of a room while keeping the door closed, which is absolutely is a weird and unnecessary feature unless you have children or an old relative who refuses to stay put.
Well, that is our dining room. We are looking forward to using it all the time and having our home filled with great food, great friends, and a ton of laughter.


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