Valentine’s Day Reloaded (Dallas)


Well, it’s next week. 8 Days away. The day that  70% of men forget to make plans for ahead of time – Valentine’s Day.

This is a day that should exemplify realities that are already present within your relationship: Romance, Flowers, handwritten Cards, Candles, great Food, romantic Music, Poetry, and going out of your way to show your wife or girlfriend that you really treasure her. Now, granted, Valentine’s Day may have aspects that never happen for the rest of the year: Carriage rides, a swan boat tour, or a consume flaming dessert. However, this does not mean loving, serving, and romanticizing your lady begins and ends on this day alone. Unfortunately, many men view this as the only day of the year they have to step up their romantic game. Sorry, that dog don’t hunt. If your woman has to wait 364 days every year to feel special, your relationship is in trouble. Use this Day of  Romance as a catalyst for the other 364 days out of the year. I guarantee your loved one would much rather you show your love in 100 little ways over the year than in just one, big expensive way.

Around 70% of men forget to make plans for Valentine’s Day ahead of time. So men, read these posts. There are 3 more coming this week. I’m here to help. Ladies, copy what I’m writing here and email it to your men. Don’t be subtle – some men need you to be blunt. DFW is full of events for this special day, no matter where you live in the Metroplex. Here are just a few, and I’ve divided them into geographic sections for your convenience. I will take each region in separate posts for readability – 1. Dallas/North Dallas, 2. Forth Worth, 3. Denton/Flo Mo, and 4. McKinney/Plano. Today, let’s talk downtown Dallas.

1. V-Day in Dallas can be broken up into any number of activities, but here are the ones I’m sticking with: Restaurants, Music, Specialty, and Cook your own.

First, Dallas Restaurants. The Big D is the restaurant Mecca of the United States. We have no rivers, mountains, valleys, or natural beauty here, so dining is our sport of choice (along with plastic surgery, but I’ll leave that for another post). Take your pick of uber-romantic spots –

J119145 IG

The French Room

a. The French Room at the Adolphus Hotel. Hands down one of the most romantic spots in Dallas. The ceilings are hand-painted, the service is incredible, the food is always spot-on, and the room is dripping with romance. Just know that a 3 course meal can run you about $80, and a JACKET IS REQUIRED ATTIRE for men (no sneakers or jeans, fellas)! Here is their website  And here is the site with packages in case you stay in the Adolphus Hotel after dinner.


Nick and Sams

b. Nick and Sam’s – If you are looking for a long, slow, incredible meal, this is the place. I can honestly say that I had the best meal of my life at Nick and Sam’s. Carissa and I shared a 36 oz bone-in beef tenderloin that they cut table side, and… It. Was. Amazing. That was 3 years ago.  I still dream about that dinner. It is pricey, but if you have a few hundred to drop, I highly recommend it. They have a grand piano in the dining room, the room is dark, they encourage you to stay long and eat slow. Here is their website

d. Taverna and Hattie’s – If you haven’t read my reviews of Taverna and Hattie’s, here they are. Taverna has wonderful, rustic Italian food for a very good price. Carissa and I got a 4 course meal for under $60. Their risottos and pasta dishes are incredible. It is not very formal, so you can wear jeans here. Here is their website  Hattie’s is very, very good down-home cooking done with incredibly high-end skill and precision. It is a little further south than the other restaurants I’m reviewing. The surroundings are stunning, but you don’t have to wear slacks to get in. I mean, you can’t make Mac N’ Cheese like this anywhere! Their Tomato Bisque…it’s so, so good. You won’t regret it. Here’s their website.

Wherever you go for V-Day, when choosing a restaurant, Do NOT take your woman to a bar or any restaurant that is playing ESPN on 47 TV’s throughout the room. The most important thing is to put thought, love, care, time, and effort in. Your woman wants to feel loved and know that you care enough to spend time and energy on her. And don’t check your phone during your date,  look up the score, check the weather…Just leave your phone in the car. Be present for your date. Look her in the eye. Tell her you love her and mean it. Hold her hand and be sweet.

Dallas Music

The Dallas Summer Musicals at Music Hall in Fair Park is presenting the musical, Catch Me If You Can. Variety calls it the best new music on Broadway. You may or may not love musicals, but if your girl does, you love musicals too.  Do what she loves, and you may start to like it yourself.

The AT&T Performing Arts Center is showing the Broadway revival of Anything Goes. You don’t have to go see a musical to enjoy music. The Highland Park Cafeteria has live, romantic piano music for Valentine’s Day during your meal. Here is their website.


Specialty Valentine’s Day Events for Dallas

Wow, where to start? You can do Dallas by Chocolate Tour. Discover Dallas’ best local chocolatiers on a private bus that takes you on a 3-hour tour. Don’t like chocolate? How about a Bacon tour on February 23rd? I want to try that.


Ever had a romantic dinner on a plane tour of the city? Visit Delta Charlie’s Bar & Grill for it’s annual V-Day Dinner and Flight for $175. Or what about taking a Hot Air Balloon trip? Vist Rohr Balloons. Does your girl love to dance? Who cares if you can dance or not. Sons of Herman Hall have Swing lessons on February 13 at 8pm. After the lesson, the DJ starts to play the music and it is time to practice what you learned!


Cook your Own

So if you hate the crowds, noise, extra cost, and all the hurried desperation that can sometimes go with “going out” for Valentine’s Day, cook you and your loved one a romantic dinner with candles, a love note, music, wine, a beautifully set table with flowers, and incredible food. If you don’t know how to make a great meal, I’m teaching a cooking lesson this Saturday at my house on cooking

1. Bacon-wrapped peppercorn Filet Mignon with

2. Basil cream Mashed Potatoes

3. Tarragon and lime Asparagus

4. Devil’s Fudge Pie with homemade clotted cream and mint. Leave a comment or e-mail me if you want to join us. I’ll teach you from beginning to end, give you the recipe to take home, let you taste the finished product (generous tasting portions!) and teach you how to make a simple appetizer of wine and cheese. It will be fun and easy. Or Sur La Table or Central Market are also teaching classes on V-Day. Take your pick!

Choose from any of these ideas or make up your own. But start planning NOW!

Women, drop the hints. And not the subtle ones, either. Ask your man, “Are the plans you are making for Valentine’s Day secret?” Or, “Do I need to take off work early so we can have our Valentine’s date?” Seriously. Guys needs this obvious shot in the arm to remind them. Trust me. If they turn pale and have that listless “holy crap” look in their eye, then they forgot to make plans and will immediately get on it. Just point them to this blog post and all will be well.

In the end, enjoy Valentine’s Day. It only comes around once a year, so blow the doors off and have fun.


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