Strawberry Pie w/ Homemade Butter Crust and Shaved Godiva Chocolate


So summer is here, and that means we have to use what is in season for dessert … and that is a VERY good thing. We get to incorporate berries, fruit, and seasonal ingredients into our tasty after-dinner aperitifs.


One great ingredient for pies is the Strawberry. Light, sweet, with a little sourness and texture, they are an ideal fruit to use when baking a pie.

If you have never had a Strawberry Pie, you are truly missing out. While it is easy to make this dessert too sweet (the Strawberry is a very sweet fruit), I’ve come up with a fool-proof system to make the perfect Strawberry pie.

It starts with  the dough crust – I make it from scratch and pre-cook it. Meanwhile, I take fresh, local strawberries, and blend them with other spices and ingredients to make a jam. Fresh sliced strawberries go on top of that, with a little lemon zest, and the crust goes on top and back into the oven.


The end result is stunningly good. The sweetness of the strawberries are tempered with the buttery pie crust and the savory Godiva and Ghirardelli shaved chocolate on top.  

I highly recommend this dessert while strawberries are still in season!

If you would like to order one, drop me an e-mail at or leave me a comment.


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