Vietnam Day 3

Today the team split into two groups. The bulk of our team went to feed the homeless in the slums and visit a school and ministry for the deaf. Sam and I broke off and taught a worship conference today for about 40 worship pastors from 25 different churches.

The bulk of the team headed out to the slums where they met with John and Christine.


They had bags of food and rice, and the kids sat down in groups and all received enough food to feed them for 2 weeks. It costs $1 to feed one person for two weeks here. Isn’t that amazing? 100 families, 500 people total, received enough food for 2 weeks to live on. Praise God.


There were also some folks there who were disabled. Some could not walk, some were missing legs or arms… It’s tough to be handicapped in a country like this. Few paved roads, fewer benefits for them, no wheelchairs.


One of the members of the LEC got a vision from God to start a ministry to the deaf in Ho Chi Minh City, so she prayed, quit her job, and began a school for the deaf in her community. She has learned sign language and no ministers to this overlooked community. Five from the deaf community have come to know Jesus in the last year. Thank you Jesus!

At the end of the time with them, they sang us a song in sign language and ministered to our folks. It was awesome to see.


Meanwhile, Sam, Kalen and I went to LEC (Lighthouse Evangelical) to lead and all day worship conference, and Kalen joined us. It was a great day. The room was full of young, hungry worship pastors who want to grow in their love for Jesus and their gifting as worship pastors. There was worship, Sam taught on the importance and history of communal worship, how the Godhead (trinity) should inform our worship, and practical things like preparing for a service, selecting and leading volunteers, and preparing a team and song list for Sunday.


While I have not led worship in a while, Sam was kind enough to invite me to help him. I took Colossians 3:1-17 and walked through how worship pastors need the gospel just as much as everyone else. They, individually, need to be convicted of sin, confess it, and flee from it. They need to abide and dwell in Jesus Christ. And they need this obedience of confession and emptying of themselves and filling with the Holy Spirit to overflow and inform their worship. That becomes the encouragement to their congregation.IMG_0960.JPG

It was a long day, but a great one. There was some wonderful teaching, amazing worship, and at the end there was a Q and A session that was such a beautiful time. We really got to hear the hearts of these worship pastors and their love for Jesus. There was a desire and yearning to glorify God, and a hunger and thirst after righteousness.IMG_0957.JPG

This little guy is Ruth’s son. He is 12, and he can play the drums like nobody’s business! It’s amasing, truly. I’m going to post a video on my Facebook page if you want to watch him play. So talented. IMG_0964.JPG

It was a great day. Tomorrow we will be going to Church, sharing testimonies and worshiping with the Vietnamese here. Thank you all for your prayers and support.


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