Vietnam Day 4


Our team thanks you for your support and prayers! This trip, this ministry, this work could not have happened without you. Thank you. You all are amazing. church.jpg

Today is Sunday, and we woke up early, grabbed breakfast in the restaurant on the roof in our hotel, and split into two groups: one group went to LEC and the other went to an underground church in District 7. This church above is LEC.

Below is a picture of Thuan, the LEC pastor, and Sam, our worship pastor. These are some great guys who love Jesus and want to see Him made known in Vietnam and the world.


We had a great worship service, heard some wonderful testimonies of local Vietnamese serving the Lord, and even some testimonies from a few of our people! It was so encouraging to see God move in the lives of these people, see them serve, hear them weep as they share what God is doing in their lives and in the lives of their neighbors. The truly love the poor and needy.

After church was over, we busted the tables out and converted the sanctuary into a dining hall. I’ve been here for 4 days and had not had Pho yet. Finally, I get to taste some authentic Pho! This sweet little girl sat next to me. She loved her meal. In fact, as we closed our eyes to pray, I heard slurping and looked over and caught her eating so I snapped a quick picture. Notice everyone else’s eyes were closed ….


Here’s the real deal – Vietnamese Pho. So, so so good.


The other team went about 40 minutes into another district to pray and worship with an underground team. They passed this pagoda and river on the way. It’s a Buddhist temple. Pray for the people of Vietnam, that their false gods would be torn down and they would come to know and love Jesus. 100_0202.JPG

This was a street just around the corner from the underground church. There are few paved roads outside the cities, very little services and massive poverty. 100_0204.JPG

This is one of the rooms they met in for prayer. It was a sweet, rich time with the Lord and with other believers. 100_0214.JPG

A few of our teammates, including Kalen (below), shared their testimonies and stories of what God has done in their own lives and since they have been in Vietnam. It was humbling but amazing to have so many people thank us for coming and helping. Like every mission trip, these people have been more of a blessing to us than we have been to them. Kalen seems to be having a “Hallelujah” moment here.100_0219

After the service, they all ate lunch together as well. It is such a great experience to share food after a worship service. It really brings the community piece into perspective and enjoy one another’s company.100_0232.JPG

After service and lunch, the team did some house visits to local Vietnamese, including these ladies below who lived together with their kids … and they were all blind. The team help these ladies and prayed for them.


They also visited an older widow in her attic house. This is Von (below), and she has been our translator and friend and guide during this trip. She’s awesome. 100_0244.JPG

Tonight we are going out to do homeless street ministry and feeding. There will be some great pictures and stories from tonight. I’ll post those later.

God bless y’all!


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