Vietnam Day 5

Yesterday morning, we joined the LEC leadership for a short retreat in the countryside. We drove to this beautiful boat club that had games, swimming pools, food, lovely landscaping and great views of the river. We spent our morning hanging out with the LEC team talking about Jesus, praying for each other, sharing what God is teaching us and being a bit competitive on the archery range!IMG_0982.JPG


Jake and Jay, meanwhile, ran a leadership seminar in Ho Chi Minh city for Christian business owners. They had a great and productive time. Please pray for these leaders – for their ministries, for God to lead and guide them, and that He would use them for His glory.IMG_2270.JPG

Then we went to the House of Love. John and Christine run and incredible ministry right near the slums, and they have been such beautiful examples of Christ’s love and grace to us. How they love and provide for these kids is ridiculous. I mean, it humbles me into the dirt when I see the choices they have made and the difficulties they embrace daily, but oh what joy and peace and love and reward they have! They are storing up treasures in heaven.1915214_10208319801782641_8405963610476892536_n.jpg

John Dat and Christine Thuy Nguyen founded Lost Orphans April 1, 2006. They are both from Vietnam, but had moved to Dallas, TX and were both running successful businesses. After hearing about the unborn children in Vietnam, their homeland, they sensed a deep need to see it first-hand. They flew to Vietnam and spent a week surveying the poverty and despair of so many. They met many women who had turned to abortion due to poverty, singleness, rape, and even financial reward. That trip back to their homeland put a burning passion in their lives to do something to redeem the lives of these women and their unborn children.

Within the first eight months of Lost Orphans’ existence, 16 babies were rescued and given a home. A local family (who had four grown daughters) shared the vision. They were hired, and they opened their doors. Thus, Lost Orphans supported and opened their first small-scale orphanage.

As a result of God’s blessings, Lost Orphans was able to secure enough funds to build an orphanage of over 10,000 square feet. This unbelievably beautiful orphanage was completed in March of 2008. Today, LOI brings hope to over 50 children. As an extension of LOI’s work with abandoned children, God has brought hope to many birth moms, widows, disabled, and poverty stricken people within the community. Bringing immediate and eternal hope to abandoned children is what they do.

“As we continue to rescue the unborn, our goal is take what is unwanted and watch God make something beautiful out of him or her! There is no greater joy to us.” – John Dat & Christine Thuy Nguyen


So we went to the House of Love and just played with these kids. They so long to be held, hugged, encouraged … they want your attention, and we spend most of our time with them picking them up, playing, running and laughing. These kids are amazing treasures from God.


They have scooters and bikes and games, and they spill out into the street and play every chance they get. And it’s about 97 degrees outside everyday, with 100% humidity. The rainy season is about to start, so it is like a sauna every day. But it doesn’t slow these kids down! You’ll be happy to know our team is coming back to the United States with a lot less weight….d.JPG

Sometimes they only have one toy, so they both use it! Check out these girls using one jump rope! How crazy is that? They are so tough and smart and funny. These kids are amazing. You would never guess some of the incredibly tough backgrounds they come from.


But their favorite sport is attacking us! They love to mess with us; it’s hilarious. And they don’t ever slow down. This truly is a House of Love. Jesus is in this place. Boys and girls are being saved from crippling, starving poverty and given a hope and an education and a future. Praise God!

Thank you for all you do for us in prayer and support. We cannot thank you enough. I’ll leave you with this great shot:




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