Vietnam Day 6

Today was ba-na-nas. Bananas. Our team all jumped into taxis and headed over to the slums. It is Vacation Bible School day for some of the kids in the slums, and we pulled out all the stops. Some of the leaders from the LEC were there leading the Bible study, and we had about 50 kids total. Below is one of the moms in the slums with her sweet little baby girl. Her other older daughter was out on the field playing.  IMG_1019.JPG

These kids LOVED to climb on us, hit us, play with us, hug us…. Some if not most are just not hugged or touched or loved on very often. Boys especially do not have a lot of dads, and they seriously crave a father figure. These guys were trying to climb on top of our heads, I think!IMG_1014.JPG

Every boy and girl wore sandals. Every one of them. And the thing is that everything is thrown out into the streets. Everything. Trash, animal waste, human waste, food, water…. These kids walk in it every day, and their feet end up looking like this. IMG_1026.JPG

Ha. This is Tamm again. She is hilarious. Josh on our team is supporting her and her family financially, and Josh has been coming for years to serve and to see this girl grow up! She is amazing.IMG_1028.JPG

Remember Jen, the girl who was beat up with her mom by a guy? Well, the story is that they took out a loan from him in order to start a small business – she bought a bunch of lotto tickets to sell on the street. Lottery tickets are HUGE here. And they hand them out and sell them on the street. Her mom was selling them, and a stranger came up to act like he wanted to buy them, but stole all of them and ran off, leaving her with nothing. She told the man who loaned her the money to buy the lottery tickets, but he demanded his money right then and there. When she tried to explain, he beat her and Jen up. Then he said if she didn’t pay soon, he would make Jen work in the street to pay him back. Crazy, right? Well, this is every day here. But someone on our team paid that man back, and now she is free and clear for now. Below is Jen’s sister. She is 5-years-old, and is deaf and mute, and totally adorable.IMG_1033.JPG

The kids loved Bible study time. Ruth led the time, taught the kids the Gospel, and had them walk through a few Bible stories to grow in their knowledge and faith in God. IMG_1053.JPG

There were just oodles of kids there. We were able to give them NERF soccer balls, footballs, water, lunch and t-shirts. There was some organization initially, but it all broke down and turned into pandemonium pretty quickly. It was so much fun!IMG_1060.JPG

Here she is again. Completely adorable. She is literally the size of my 18-month-old, and she’s 5. It’s strictly due to lack of nutrition. She is physically 2-3 years behind developmentally. IMG_1064.JPG

This was another girl from the slums. She was my shadow today, constantly pulling on my arm to pick her up, play, put her on my shoulders … anything. These kids really want and need physical affection, someone to listen to them, interact with them, and give them hope. IMG_1072.JPGHere is a full team and kid picture. It was by far the hottest day (plus humidity) thus far,  and we were running and jumping and picking up all morning, so we were covered in sweat. My clothes were literally dripping with sweat. A few of our guys had to sit out, and even got a bit sick and/or lightheaded due to heat and dehydration. It’s hot out there, peeps.IMG_1085.JPG

We are heading back early tomorrow morning. Thank you for all you do!



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