Carissa and I just married in October of 2009, so we are brand new to marriage and life together. Our honeymoon and life since have been such a blessing and so much fun. I married my best friend, and we share so many common interests, and food is one of the big ones. But it’s amazing how many assumptions, habits, and “I’ve always done it this way” things you can bring into marriage, especially around planning meals, working out, fitting life and health into our busy schedules… it’s the little stuff that you have to work through, as well as the big stuff. So we thought we would document parts of our first years in marriage; particularly, how we attempt (sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail) to live a balanced life, eat healthy home-cooked meals, work out, and still survive.

We have been thinking about starting a blog since before we married. But seriously, who needs another blog to read, and what can we offer that a hundred other people aren’t blogging about already?

Looking out there, however, we noticed that we did not find what we were looking for, and that we could be the One-Stop blog for people who share our interests – Jesus, marriage, the need for grace, great Food, good Restaurants and Reviews (mainly for restaurants in Dallas, but also wherever our travels take us), good (affordable!) Wine, and great Recipes that don’t take all night to cook, and don’t involve blow torches or rare ingredients only found in the South of France. We no longer have the metabolisms we had in high school, so working out is a good idea if we want to live to 60.

We hope you enjoy this blog, find it valuable, and use it to save time, money, and live a healthy life. And we pray you grow closer and closer to Jesus.


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  1. I am such a fan of the website and can’t wait to learn about all the fun things to do and places to eat in Dallas! Thanks for the insights!

    • Thanks, Keri! The Valentine’s Day ideas are up, and includes restaurants, music, wine events, and other date ideas for Dallas. We are also compiling a list of places we have been in Dallas/Chicago/Denver and writing about them. Hopefully it will lead you to some great places

      The Bleeckers

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