Wine Reviews

Dr. L. Loosen Riesling

We have never really been big white wine fans.  For our wine budget, white wines typically taste way too acidic or sweet.  So, for the first 3 months of our marriage, we stayed away from white wines and stuck to the reds.  One day, we were shopping at Market Street, and they were giving free samples of a wine called Dr. L. Loosen.  We changed our minds about white wine after tasting this one.  I’m not a wine critic, so this review won’t be filled with descriptions of chestnuts or white peach flavors – but this wine was good.  Really good.  It tasted very well balanced – sharp but fruity, with a nice smooth aftertaste.  Try this.  You won’t be sorry

Price:  $11

A really good price for such a good wine.

Food Pairing:

This wine will pair well with fish (tuna, swordfish, ect…), pastas (especially light pastas with lemon-butter or Alfredo sauces), or desserts.  Honestly, you don’t really need a food excuse to drink this wine.  Just drink it by itself, and build a meal around it if you want.

Gabbiano Chianti


This is a Red Chianti from Tuscany (central Italy).  It has a bold fruity taste that is not too dry.  It has a “smokey” aftertaste, in a good way, if you know what I mean – that lingering flavor. But the flavor is not too strong or overpowering, like a lot of lesser expensive Reds.


This is actually a really good buy for $9.

Food Pairings:

Pair this with any Italian food (pastas, pizza, risotto, etc..), Steak, rich or hearty Soups, or Beef/Lamb/Pork (ribs, tenderloins, chops, etc…)


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